The Mary Mind looks at the story of Jesus as a spiritual message instead of religious dogma. Its authors see Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the ideal example of a mind that has fully embraced the awakening of Christ Consciousness.

Co-authors John Mark Lucas and Rev. Elizabeth Forrest will lead this 3-week study.

No charge.

Unity Church of Winston-Salem
108 Hewes St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Thu. April 12, 19, 26
7:00 - 8:30 pm

The Mary Mind

The study is divided into three sessions. Each session will cover the following chapters:

April 12

  • Prelude
  • Peace and Love
  • The Mary Mind
  • The Joseph Mind
  • We are all Joseph, we are all Mary
  • The Christ Consciousness is born
  • Shepherds and wise men

April 19

  • The new thought meets the old
  • The missing years
  • Hard times are bound to come
  • The apostles
  • It's a miracle!
  • Turning water into wine

April 26

  • Raising Lazarus from the dead
  • Healing 10 lepers
  • Feeding the 5000
  • Walking on water and calming the sea
  • Crucifixion and resurrection
  • Benediction